In Thunder Lightning and Rain (2019),

In Thunder Lightning and Rain depicts the endurance of three women against their ostracisation in the society. The three women- a footballer, a fisher and a cremator-tells their sagas of woes and weal, resistance and endurance in the film. These three contemporary Shakespearean witches are etched against the carnivalesque urban space of Fort Kochi. They visit the masculine space of carnival. The camera intently listens to them with an intense zeal to film their identity.

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Major Festival Participations

  •  New York Indian Film Festival 2020, New York.
  • German International Ethnographic Film Festival 2020, Gottingen.
  • International Film Festival of Shimla 2018, Shimla.
  • The Kolkata International Film Festival 2018, Kolkata.
  • International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2018, Trivandrum.

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Naked Wheels (2018),
Naked Wheels is about the journey undertaken by a diverse group of people comprising males, females and transgenders across South India in a truck. The film seeks to explore many compelling thoughts on life, love, and gender. The film hopes for a society where none have to crush their desires because the majority does not understand it…
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Major Festival Participations

Queen City Cinephiles events 2018, North Carolina USA.

New York Indian Film Festival 2018, New York.

Tasveer South Asian Film Festival 2018, Seattle USA.

8th KASHISH International Queer Film Festival 2017, Mumbai.

The Bangalore Queer Film Festival 2017, Bangalore.

Peleponisos International Documentary Film Festival  2017, Greece.

International Short and Documentary Festival Of Kerala, 2016.

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Zebra Lines (2015),

Zebra Lines is a 30 minutes documentary on a Dalit Traffic warden named Padmini who was attacked in the streets of cochi, India and denied justice.

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